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Services Offered By SME Loan Companies In Singapore

SMEs have been the backbone of Singapore economy creating millions of jobs. However , limited credit facilities to the segment remain a critical consideration. The small business need financial to meet current obligations as well as long-term financial needs. SME loan companies in Singapore offer term loans for purchase of assets. Another product is bridging the loans to meet cash flow needs. They also offer hire purchase services by advancing credit with flexible repayment installments. Leasing which arrangement where SMEs get financed to use assets without having to purchase the assets.

In addition to longerm financing, there is working capital financing for SME in Singapore. In this context, there are overdraft facilities, letter of credit and factoring. It enables small companies meet working capital requirements. Trade credit which includes, bill of exchange, foreign exchange contracts and many more, assist the companies meet short term financial obligations. For more information on SME Loan Singapore please visit and power your business to great heights.