Kindergarten Singapore

Give Your Child an Optimal Start in Kindergarten at Canadian International School, Singapore

Singapore’s Canadian International School started in 1990 and prides itself on its solid educational approach. In its kindergarten, children 3-5 years of age are placed in a child-centered play- and inquiry- based learning situation. No child can remain passive when creativity and fun are the norm. Each student is seen as a powerful learner who is encouraged in hands-on classroom activities to express his/ her experiences and ideas about the world.

When a child is curious and interacting with others natural intelligence, creativity, work habits and oral skills develop optimally. Such an educational approach using music, art and drawing as well is geared to the individual pace and interests of each child. Parents are encouraged especially in a child’s early years to become involved. For an optimal start to a child’s years in school, explore Kindergarten Singapore. See the happy faces throughout the pages as well as learn more about CIS’s philosophy, their standards of excellence, locations and bilingual program.