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Different Techniques Of Termite Removal Suitable For Singapore

Termites are a great problem in modern households. The houses in large metropolitan areas like Singapore are very compact. If there is a termite infection in such a household it is very difficult to get rid of them. The termite infections are needed to be taken care of at the earliest stage.

There is a need to understand that one should be very cautious about any development of termites. The termites multiply at a very rapid rate, they develop in a very small time. If you leave a place with termites for a couple of months, every item in that household will be infected.

There are many techniques to remove these termites from the households. There are two types of techniques used in the termite treatments. These are techniques are Chemical Techniques and Non-Chemical Techniques.

Chemical Treatments

There are four types of chemical treatments techniques used in Singapore. These techniques are:
• Liquid Soil-Application: The chemicals are used at the initial phase when laying the foundation of the building. The land on which the house it built is chemically treated to ensure that there is no risk of termites from the soil or foundation.
• Termite Baits: Specially designed baits are set at the perimeter of the house, wood is placed in the bait and when there is a sign of termites, the wooden bait is replaced by chemicals.
• Chemically Treated Building Material: The building materials like wooden frames, doors etc. are treated with chemicals that make it termite resistant. This ensures that the wooden parts of the home remain intact even in presence of termites.
• Wood Treatment: When termite is detected in a house, all the wooden components of the house are treated with chemicals to kill termites present in them.

Non-Chemical Treatments

There are a few non-chemical techniques used to treat termites in the households. The treatments are a great choice as there are no harmful side effects of the treatment.
• Physical Barrier: When constructing a home you can construct a permanent physical barrier that blocks the termites present in the house from reaching the house.
• Biological Treatment: There are biological agents like nematodes and fungi which are able to keep a check on the termites. Biological treatments are the safest alternates as there are no harmful effects of the treatment and the biological agents can be removed after a while when there is no risk of termites.

These are the different termite treatment techniques popular in Singapore. For getting a customized quote and a treatment plan for your home you can contact Termites Control Singapore.